Welcome to “Pelargos”

Our community was created in 2018 with the aim to become a hub for socialisation, education and awareness for adoptive and mixed/interracial families in Greece.

Why “Stork”?

For us, the stork is a symbol which embraces the unique story of each child and, as a result, a symbol of mixed families – where by “mixed” we mean families whose members are not necessarily connected via biological ties and don’t necessarily share the same ethnicity or race.

Our principles

Our principles rely on the absolute respect for children’s rights as set out on the “Treaty for the rights of the child” (United Nations, 1989) and the belief that families are created through various ways, one of which is adoption.

Our aim

We aim to create a community where mixed families can rely for joy, knowledge and support.

We believe that children –and their families- can thrive when their everyday life includes:

  • Social interactions with children with similar life stories.
  • Social interactions with children and adults that belong in the same race as they do.
  • Connections with their birth culture.

As well as when:

  • Society is informed on what adoption and foster care are
  • Mixed families are regarded as “normal”
  • There is more awareness of racism in the Greek society
  • Children and their parents receive the support they deserve
  • For more details, please take a look at our activities

How to become a member

Adoptive and foster parents and adoptees (over 18 years of age) can all become members of the association. The annual participation fee is €20.

In order to become a member, please complete the online application form.

You can read our statute here (in Greek).