Community Action

Adoption has challenges. We aim to support families and adoptees in those challenges through community action that promotes socialization and education and raises public awareness.


Our families meet often to play together. We also organize fun activities, trips and social events.

Some of our past meetings:

  • Playgroups
  • Christmas parties
  • Daily trip to Nemea
  • Theatre workshop
  • Playgroup at the beach


We meet regularly to exchange views on topics selected by the members of the association and to share knowledge, experiences and feelings. Through active participation and mutual learning we develop a vibrant knowledge community and a support network.
We also organise workshops led by experts and professionals where our members can choose to participate with a fee.

Some of our previous educational activities:

Members’ meetings (open to all members and free)
  • Side by side – documentary and discussion
  • Making sense of children – live webinar and discussion with Mark Vaatsas
  • The connected child – presentation and discussion on Karyn Purvis and TBRI principles
  • Adoption at schools – presentation and discussion
  • Grief in adoption – webinar by Robyn Gobbel and discussion
  • How to make a Lifebook – presentation and discussion
  • Black Lives Matter – discussion with Afrogreek community
  • Talking to children about their adoption – presentation and discussion
  • Nature and wellbeing – presentation and discussion
  • Can you take it? Emotional resilience – presentation and discussion
  • Introduction to tapping – with E. Vardaki
  • Γέφυρες
  • Άγγιγμα και όρια

Raising awareness

We try to increase the visibility of adoptive and mixed families and of adoptees. We put together projects which aim to inform and raise public awareness of adoption, foster care and interracial issues.

How we raise awareness: