Who are we

Who are we

Pelargos Association was founded in summer 2018 by a group of adoptive parents. Although all founding members were parents to children of Ethiopian descent, the association is open to all adoptive families irrespective of origin.

What Pelargos stands for

Pelargos (crane) is a symbol representing the unique story of every child -adopted or not- and every mixed family. We define mixed family as every family that its members are not necessarily connected by biological ties nor do they necessarily have common ethnic or racial background.

Our Values

Our code of conduct is based upon the absolute respect of children rights as stated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (United Nations, 1989) as well as the belief that a family can be created by following various paths, one of which is adoption.

What Brings Us Together

Every adoptive child has experienced the difficult loss of its biological parents. Many children also share a common ethnic descent and/or skin color. Many even share a common start in life, being crib mates in orphanages. All of the above may become the source of common challenges in the children’s’ future lives. We believe such challenges will be more effectively tackled if we as parents and children are bound together to face such challenges on a common front.

Our Targets

The main target of Pelargos is to create a beautiful community where parents and children will be able to experience in a positive way the extraordinary nature of their families while at the same time being able to find support provided by people facing common problems and challenges.

Membership is open to all adoptive parents irrespective of the racial or ethnic background of their children Membership is also open to adoptees over the age of 18.

Social activities of the association are open to anyone interested, member or not. We aspire to organise activities that will be characterised by multiculturalism and will be welcoming a variety of families.

At Pelargos we believe that children -and their families- benefit when  their every day activities are enriched by the following:

  • Associating with children of the same or similar racial background.
  • Associating with children with similar personal life stories/ origins.
  • Associating with adults of the same or similar racial background.
  • Associating with “mixed” families (interracial, transracial, blended families).
  • Educating childrens’ immediate and extended social cycle on the affairs of adoption.
  • Fortifying childrens’ immediate and extended social cycle against the influence of both direct and implicit racism.
  • Maintaining a connection of the children to the culture of the country of birth.
  • Encouraging and teaching children to feel proud of their ethnic background and race.


How to become a member/ How to take part on our activities

Some of Pelargos activities are restricted to its members while others are open to all families wishing to participate irrespective if they have bee created through adoption or not..

Membership and the capability to participate in the Administration Board and the association’s votes is offered only to adoptive parents and adult adoptees παιδιά subject to receipt of their application and approval of the Genera Assembly (for more information please refer to our memorandum of association -in Greek only).

Apply for membership by filling below application form and forwarding it to our email. To stay updated of our open activities please follow us on our Facebook page

New Member Application Form

Memrandum of Association

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